Faith, compassion, self-discipline, and mutually high expectations are the foundations upon which St Vincent Preschool is built.

In partnership with parents, the primary educators of their children, St. Vincent Preschool empowers three-to-five year old children, via a balanced program of physical, spiritual, social and academic activities, to make a successful and happy transition from the life of the home to the challenges and opportunities of St. Vincent School’s K-8 program.

cover03St Vincent Preschool was founded in 2009. The preschool assists parents in guiding their children toward lives of Christian integrity and maturity in the context of a Catholic Christian community. Both parents and school staff recognize that their first duty is to provide their children with wholesome role models whose values and habits commend themselves to imitation. Of special importance is the example of the school’s patron, St Vincent de Paul.

The preschool works with parents to promote the spiritual, moral, social and skill development of its students, taking care to recognize and to address the individual needs and readiness of each student.

St. Vincent Preschool serves families in the community who subscribe to the school’s philosophy and agree to abide by the policies and regulations of the school and the diocese.

Preschool Schedule & Hours

The normal preschool day is Monday-Friday from 8:00 AM to 3:00 PM. For your child to get the full benefit of the program, it is best that your child be at school by 8:10. Coming in late interrupts the class time and also disrupts your child’s routine. For your convenience, children may be dropped of anytime between 7:00 AM and 8:00 AM, free of charge. If there are a sufficient number of children needing care after 3:00 PM, St. Vincent Preschool will offer an extended care program, from 3:00 PM-6:00 PM, at an additional charge. Any child remaining at school past 3:00 PM will be charged for extended care. If you pick up your child after 6:00 PM, the late fee is $5.00 per minute. Extended care and late fee charges will be billed monthly, separate from the tuition.
Our program is “play based” because play is the work of children; it promotes the development of skills and competencies children need to deal with the world around them.  Our classrooms are divided into learning centers, which provide appropriate settings for dramatic play, block building, library/listening/prayer, art, mathematics/manipulatives, science/discovery, and writing. Each classroom is equipped with a floor-to-ceiling retractable glass window, which allows us to bring the “outside” in.

A generous, natural, well-equipped playground is also available for the exclusive use of the preschool. Play is the work of children; it promotes the development of skills and competencies needed to deal with the world. Our playground acts as an “outdoor classroom”, where all areas of child development are addressed. A quiet area for art and reading, a climbing structure and bike path for gross motor development, sand/water play for sensory development and a teaching garden, are all elements of our playground. Our many native, drought tolerant plants invite the children to explore bugs and slugs.

Learn more by visiting our school website and contact Yolanda O’Connor Aliaga at 296-2222.